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Mubarak Marine is a leading UAE-based marine and offshore solutions provider. Our focus is on safe, efficient and value-driven services. From our humble beginnings in 1979, we have grown to own and operate a diverse fleet of over forty vessels. We are continually adding modern and versatile vessels to adapt to the rapidly evolving needs of the region’s offshore marine industry. Our fleet is manned by experienced mariners, with onshore support provided around-the-clock by a hardworking, dedicated team.

Chairman’s Message

Let me personally welcome you to Mubarak Marine. We are a highly efficient, and customer service-oriented company in the marine services business. In 1979, our goal for the company was to become the most reliable and professional marine services company in the region. We always strive to exceed our client’s expectations, maintain a good standard of living for our employees, and improve the communities in which we live and operate.

Juma Obaid Mubarak

Our Team

Juma Obaid Mubarak

Chief Executive Officer

Roger Barhouch

Chief Financial Officer

Ronald Clark

Chief Operating Officer

Marwan Mubarak

Strategic Business Development Director

Four decades
of excellence


Three Emirati brothers founded Mubarak Marine as a family-run business in Dubai, operating a single vessel with ten employees. The family belongs to the traditional fishing and seafaring communities of the Emirates.

In recognition of their skills the then Ruler of Dubai encourages them to expand into local harbour and coastal towage.


Our Mubarak Marine fleet grows to four vessels.


The company makes a foray into salvage after seeing an opportunity and lack of regional operators.

Mubarak Marine starts by offering towage and salvage services to grounded, sunken and decommissioned vessels, and this gradually develops to become one of our core activities.


The company ventures into pilotage and harbour towage services. Today Mubarak Marine operates the largest privately owned fleet of harbour tugs in The Emirates, and we carry out most of the operations within Dubai Creek, Dubai Maritime City, and Hamriyah Port.


Award of a two-tug, three-year contract with IOOC for oil tanker terminal operations in Iran.

Mubarak Marine acquires two specialised tanker terminal tugs, and we enter this sector for the first time.


Our tugs are contracted by the Ras Isa Oil Terminal in Yemen, operated by Yemen Hunt Oil Company, now SEPOC.

This contract expands in 2004, when Mubarak Marine starts SMB inspection and maintenance activities.


Our tugs are the first vessels contracted by the US administration for oil export activities from Iraqi offshore oil terminals, including Mina Al Bakr.

We support Titan Salvage with personnel, equipment, vessels, logistical and administrative support, to clear wrecks in Umm Qasr under a US government contract.


Two offshore accommodation work barges are built by our Ship Repair and Conversion Division. Crane barge Badr is designed and built in response to a twelve-month wreck removal project, to support the construction of Dubai Maritime City.

Work barge Millennium 1, with accommodation for 187 people, is the first vessel of its type to be built in The Emirates and is a significant investment for the company.


Millennium 1 is selected from a worldwide tender for a prestigious five- year contract from Chevron Thailand.

We mobilise her to the Benchamas Oilfield in the Gulf of Thailand and the contract is extended until 2018, a rare achievement.


We continue to invest in more tonnage, including tugs, landing craft, and cargo barges. A new-build programme commences at our Ship Repair and Conversion Division, including a 300-bed accommodation barge, specialised tanker terminal tugs, a shallow-water maintenance barge, and four harbour tugs.

The UAE Coastguard also awards us new-build contracts for two coastal patrol tugs.


We open branch offices in Abu Dhabi in the UAE, and Dammam in Saudi Arabia, to expand our regional business presence.


Long-term business relationships with correspondents in Yemen, Oman, Kuwait, and Qatar are strengthened.


We take delivery of our new accommodation work barge Millennium 2.


We take delivery of our shallow-water work barge, Carrier. Our Ship Repair and Conversion Division starts construction of two modern DP2 class AHTSVs, Dubai Star and Marco Star, and the Mubarak Supporter, a highly versatile DP2 offshore construction vessel designed for activities including shallow water cablelaying and pipeline maintenance.


We take delivery of the tanker terminal/anchor handling tug Mubarak Challenger, built by our Ship Repair and Conversion Division.

This marks our entry into specialised offshore industry vessels.


We become a member of the International Marine Contractors Association as a marine services provider.


We take delivery of a newly built DP2 special service/utility construction vessel, the Mubarak Supporter.

This is the first vessel of its kind built in the UAE by our Ship Repair and Conversion Division.


Our vessel fleet grows to over 40, with plans in place for investment and future expansion.

We become a member of the International Salvage Union.


As a part of expansion, we secure 33,000 square metres of dockside yard space in Dubai Maritime City and invest US$35 million into new facilities to further enhance our services.

This becomes home to our offshore maritime services, shipbuilding and repair services, salvage equipment warehouse and yard, together with a 150-metre deep-water jetty to accommodate our fleet.


We successfully complete wreck removal and decommissioning of a damaged jacket, and closure of active wellheads.

The jacket was severely damaged because of a collision with a vessel, and the project required specialised subsea hot tapping, cementing, and coil-tubing equipment.


Our second DP2 special service/utility construction vessel Millennium 3 joins our offshore fleet.

It was converted in-house by our Ship Repair and Conversion Division from a conventional non-propelled accommodation barge.


We expand our fleet of DP vessels with the acquisition of two DP2 anchor handling FiFi tugs.

Mubarak Subsea is setup to consolidate and expand our underwater operations.