The Nautical Institute’s Marine Ball 2014

Mubarak Marine was in full attendance to year 2014 Marine Ball. The evening saw a special highlight on the salvage industry aptly named as the ‘Saviors of the Sea’ as appearing on the invitation cards of this truly grand gathering. Capt.Vivek Bali of Mubarak Marine shared his personal experiences of the number of ships salvaged by him. The guests were in awe of the destructive power of the sea and the great risks to life and property, and the challenges that were involved in saving them by Mubarak Marine’s salvage team led by Capt.Bali.The much awaited Maritime auction and Whiteboard bidding saw Mubarak Marine in action having won the coveted large sized model of the passenger ship Titanic. The proceeds of the auction will go to The Mission to Seafarers. Piracy, shipwreck, abandonment and separation from loved ones are just a few of the problems merchant seafarers face around the world. The Mission to Seafarers provides help and support to the 1.5 million men and women who face danger every day to keep our global economy afloat. The mission was founded in 1856 and is entirely funded by voluntary donations.